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Coaching is an exciting, challenging and ultimately rewarding pursuit and good coaches are also a vital ingredient in the enjoyment and development of players.

If you are thinking about becoming a coach there's no time like the present. If you're a parent looking to lend a hand or a current or former player looking for a new challenge then NZF has a course tailored for your needs.

And if you are already a coach and want a recognised qualification or just want to develop further, New Zealand Football offers a wide variety of formal and informal opportunities for you to take the next step:

Coaching Courses

To help coaches get the best out of themselves and their players, New Zealand Football offers a wide variety of courses throughout the year. Ranging from junior and youth football right through to courses for coaches working in the senior competitive arena, there will be a course to suit all levels of abilities and experience.

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Join a Club

Football would not take place without the support of thousands of volunteers. For most junior and youth teams, it is the parents of players who give up their time to ensure their sons and daughters can enjoy the game. If you're thinking of coaching in your spare time, then why not join a local club in your area.

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Football Online

Coaches in New Zealand are also able to learn through Football Online, an interactive resource to complement the current Coaching Courses on offer. Football Online will not only be used as an additional learning tool for coaches, but also provides opportunities for coaches to access the modern coaching sessions and activities.

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Small Whites

Small Whites is a programme dedicated to out Junior Footballers aged between 4 and 12 years. Consisting of Player of the Day certificates, the McDonalds Skills Zone and free "Introduction to Coaching Small Whites" Courses, it's a fantastic way of developing players at this important age.

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