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Futsal and Football

Futsal has the ability to be a positive influence in New Zealand football, just as it has been in Brazil, Spain, Ireland, Australia and a huge number of other countries, including those within our own Oceania Confederation.

New Zealand Football recognise the pathways this popular game offers for players, coaches, administrators at both local and international level.

Bringing futsal into the NZ Football structure also ensures the New Zealand futsal experience can be delivered in a manner that is consistent with and complementary to NZ Football’s Whole of Football Development Plan.

Futsal is a ‘pure’ form of football. While at an elite level, futsal is a highly tactical and even choreographed game, in its most basic form futsal is a fun and simple game that requires no coaching – the game is the teacher! With its emphasis on fun and creativity futsal is the ideal introduction to football to the first time and social player.

The smaller, weighted ball with restricted bounce makes it easier for young or inexperienced players to master their ball control skills. As a result, players very quickly experience improved dribbling, passing and close control.

The dimensions of the futsal court, lack of rebound walls and reduced number of players means players are ‘always in the game’, having on average around 12 times more touches per game than they do in outdoor 11-a-side football.

Playing in reduced space helps develop creativity, improvisation, technique and rapid decision making. Players are encouraged to find their way out of tight situations with a clever pass or piece of individual skill. Increased game awareness and movement off the ball occur quickly and naturally.

Futsal, FIFA and NZF

NZF are working together with FIFA and Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) to actively promote all forms of football, to improve the technical ability of its players while at the same time increasing its player and supporter base, and the launch of the NZ Futsal programme is recognition of futsal’s significance and potential, and the beginning of enhanced development of that format of the game.

Futsal is the only form of indoor football endorsed by FIFA and OFC and therefore enjoys similar pathways and benefits to the outdoor version of the game.

Most notably, NZF-selected national teams (the Futsal Whites and Futsal Ferns) will compete in FIFA recognised futsal competitions, including the OFC Futsal Championships and qualifying matches for the FIFA Futsal World Cup.

Players, coaches and referees will also benefit from the courses offered, and development initiatives provided by, NZF and OFC under the leadership of FIFA.

Joining a futsal league or centre



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Futsal South


·         Mike Clark- Futsal Development Manager

·         Wayne Gray-Futsal Development Officer/Futsal Referee Development Officer

·         Dana Gray- Futsal Development Coach

·         Michael Sannum- Futsal Development Coach


·         Paula Irvine - South Canterbury Football District Manager for Football South/Futsal Coordinator - Timaru 





















Mainland Futsal

·        Wanda Luinenburg - Competitions Administrator

·         Colin Grant - Game Development Manager 









Mainland Futsal- Nelson Bays

·         John Vaughan- Futsal Development Officer






Capital Futsal


·         Matt Fejos-Futsal Development Officer

·         Lisa Jones- Futsal Administration  Officer

·         Renee Clearwater- Football Development Administrator












Central Football-Futsal

·         Nat Wright- Futsal Development Officer




·         Joe Dixon -Futsal Development Officer


Auckland Football Federation-Futsal

·         Marvin Eakins-Futsal Development Officer



Northern Futsal

·         Sarah Payne-Futsal Development Manager

·         Felipe Bernardi- Futsal Development Officer





Northern Futsal-Northland

·         Dan Johnston- Futsal Development Coach



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