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Law Changes

The latest news and information from both FIFA and NZF Referee Development Officer Ken Wallace.

Law Changes 2014 (142KB)
Referee Guidelines (670KB)
Guidelines for Assistant Referees 2014 (2 MB)
 2012 Futsal Laws of the Game Changes (171KB)

Report Forms

NZ Football Referee Assessment Report Form (55KB)
NZ Football Referee's Incident Report Form (20KB)
NZ Football Referee Coaching Sheet (38KB)
 NZ Football Futsal Assessment Report Form (18KB)

Code of Conduct

Football Referee's Code of Conduct (31KB)

Other Forms

NZ Football Level 2 Competencies Test (17KB)
NZ Football Level 4 Competencies Test (859KB)

 NZ Futsal Level 2 Competencies Test (58KB)
 NZ Futsal Level 4 Competencies Test (66KB)


The current newsletter contains the latest offerings from Ken Wallace, New Zealand Football Referee Development Officer including tips, latest news, rules and regulations and referee education information.

Current edition: July 2014

Previous editions:

June 2014
May 2014
April 2014
March 2014
February 2014
December 2013
November 2013
October 2013
September 2013 (574KB)
memorandum_2009_-_law_changes.pdf August 2013 (379KB)
memorandum_2009_-_law_changes.pdf July 2013 (385KB)
memorandum_2009_-_law_changes.pdf June 2013 (444KB)
memorandum_2009_-_law_changes.pdf May 2013 (443KB)
memorandum_2009_-_law_changes.pdf April 2013 (444KB)
memorandum_2009_-_law_changes.pdf March 2013 (527KB)
memorandum_2009_-_law_changes.pdf February 2013 (527KB)

Laws of the Game

FIFA Laws of the Game [opens in new window]

Fixtures & Results

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Other Events

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