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New Zealand Football Rules and Regulations

New Zealand Football Rules (as of May 2013)

New Zealand Football's rules govern how the organisation operates. They set objectives for the organisation and cover such matters as the process for electing board members and the relationship between the governing body and the seven federations. The rules also highlight individual bodies with the organisation (Appeals Committee, Women's Advisory Group etc) and their roles.

Regulation Seven: Penalties for Misconduct by Players New Zealand Football Rules (4MB)

New Zealand Football Code of Conduct

The purpose of the New Zealand Football Code of Conduct is to encourage fair, ethical treatment of all persons and organisations that come under the umbrella of New Zealand Football (NZF). Obviously some sections of the Code will be more applicable to some persons and groups than others.

All persons will agree to abide by the NZF Code of Conduct and acknowledge that any breach of the Code of Conduct, or any part of it, may result in disciplinary action under the NZF Constitution, Regulations and Policies.

NZF expects all Federations, clubs, organisations, employees, members, referees, administrators, associates, coaches, players, volunteers and parents or guardians to understand the possible consequences of breaching the Code of Conduct and ensure that they abide by the Code.

The following Code of Conduct applies to all NZF members and persons participating in NZ Football activities.

Regulation Seven: Penalties for Misconduct by Players New Zealand Football Code of Conduct - February 2007   

New Zealand Football Regulations

New Zealand Football's regulations cover procedural matters, matters of misconduct and rules for individual competitions. Aside from the Chatham Cup, rules for individual competitions (NZFC, NYL, NWL, National Age-Group Federation Tournament) change from season to season. For a latest copy of the regulations governing those competitions please contact NZ Football. Otherwise, current regulations are available below.

Please note: Many of these regulations predate the organisation's name change from New Zealand Soccer to New Zealand Football. Any references to "New Zealand Soccer" or "NZS" should be read as "New Zealand Football."


Regulation 5: Status of Players (440KB)

Regulation 7: Penalties for Misconduct (606KB)

Regulation 8: Procedure Following Misconduct & Appeals Procedure (25.79 KB)

Regulation 10: National League Regulations (558KB) (ASB Premiership)

Regulation 11: National Youth League Regulations (553KB) (ASB Youth League)

Regulation 12: ASB Chatham Cup 2014 (456KB)

Regulation 13: ASB Women's Knockout Cup (533KB)
Regulation 17: FIFA - Use of Drugs & Drug Testing (287.99 KB)

Regulation 21: ASB Women's League (620KB)

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